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Since 1988,
Refugee Canyon has been providing quality veterinary health care, grooming, boarding, and dog training to the community. With 3 full-time veterinarians and a supportive staff, Refugee Canyon continues to stay on the cutting edge of veterinary care and continues to learn, educate, and grow.

Refugee Canyon strives to maintain long-term relationships with patients and clients. You want to be sure your companions are taken care of by someone you know and trust. Refugee Canyon provides state-of-the-art, individual care combined with loving concern and attention to make your pet’s visit as stress free and fun as possible.

Effitix and Effipro Flea and tick season is here…so is Effitix for dogs and Effipro for cats!

Effitix topical solution for dogs 12 weeks old or older kills and repels ticks, fleas and mosquitoes; kills lice and aids in the control of mites; and prevents and inhibits blood feeding by biting fleas.
• Starts to repel ticks within 10 minutes
• By 9 days after treatment—killed at least 98% of 4 species of ticks
• Within 6 hours—killed over 90% of fleas. Within 12 hours—eliminated 99.6% of fleas
• Provided an anti-feeding efficacy against mosquitoes of more than 77% for 4 weeks (28 days)
• Can kill adult ticks and fleas for up to 1 month
• Do not use on cats!!

Effipro topical solution for cats 8 weeks old or older has been shown to control fleas, ticks and chewing lice with monthly applications.
• Controls fleas for up to 6 weeks. However, a monthly application is recommended if a cat has fleas that may cause flea allergy dermatitis or if reinfestation is likely
• Kills ticks for a month or longer. However, where tick control is consistently needed, monthly applications are recommended
• Comparable to Frontline Top Spot against fleas in a study vs. Frontline and a control group (6 cats per group)
Reference: August 28, 2012

Lyme disease and vaccination
The black-legged tick, Ixodes scapularis, also known as the “deer tick,” which is the species that transmits Lyme disease, was once considered rare in Ohio. However, in recent years the number of deer ticks identified within our state has rapidly increased. This brings concern to many of us for our own safety as well as our pets.

At least one of the three life stages of this tick is active during all but the very coldest days. However, the nymph and adult stages are actually responsible for transmitting the disease. These stages are active from late spring into winter. The nymphs are very small and can go easily undetected. Most times it is the adult stage that is discovered by pet owners due to its size. Because of the increase in prevalence of Lyme disease in our area,as well as the presence of other tick-borne diseases, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, it is important to provide your pets with year-round tick protection.

Here at Refugee Canyon Veterinary Services we recognize the importance of protecting your pets any way we can. As a result we are now using the Idexx Snap Heartworm 4DXtest, an in-house test for heartworm disease that includes detection of the three most common tick-borne diseases, including Lyme disease. We are also now offering the Lyme vaccine for dogs as part of our regular vaccine protocol. The initial vaccine can be administered at any time after the age of 9 weeks and needs to be boostered 3-4 weeks later. Yearly vaccination is recommended after the initial boosters.

Despite reliable tick prevention products and proper vaccination, sometimes disease can break through our defenses. However we believe that these protocols provide your pets the best possible fighting chance of living long and healthy lives.

For more information on ticks and tick-borne diseases, contact your local health department. Visit and click on Local Health Departments, or visit

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